What do you get for being one of the longest-lasting, most influential troupes in the Bay Area improv scene? A large slab of shiny lucite and the improv community's undying appreciation, of course…!  The San Francisco Improv Festival is proud to honor the Flash Family for over 25 years of outstanding work spanning the 70's through the early 2000's, influencing generations of improvisors and entertaining & enlightening countless thousands of Bay Area audience members.  The OCIC Award is presented yearly by the SF Improv Festival to individuals or groups who have tirelessly contributed to the growth and well-being of the San Francisco Bay Area improv community through their work and spirit both on and off stage.

Flash Family successfully brought improvisational theater to rock venues, comedy clubs, music halls and corporate stages all over California.  Flash bridged between SF's hugely influential improv troupe, The Committee to a myriad of other groups, and earned a prime seat at the SF improv banquet. 

On Sunday August 19th at The Eureka Theater at 4:00pm, 40 plus past players, musicians, light techs, house managers, staff and fans gathered for a reception followed by the award event (which included memories, stories and a short video)