Need a more focused session for your professional development? Sue has provided one-on-one sessions assisitng people with:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Team presentations
  • Job interviews
  • Pitching investors
  • Witness credibility
  • TV auditions
  • Stand-up comedy
  • Designing interactive/ experimental learning programs


If you can't meet her in person, Sue is also available online! Skype has opened a whole world of possibilities for long distance one-on-one consulting. What works well in a virtual millieu?

  • Basic skills for speaking to groups
  • Designing interactive/ experiential learning programs
  • Any situation where you want to be confident and credible:

    • ​Media Interviews
    • Investor Pitches
    • Job Interviews
    • Court Appearances
    • Mediation
    • Masters Programs Panel Presentations



“I worked with Sue Walden to get a stand up comedy routine up and running for my first ever stand up comedy performance at an open mic night. Sue used all of her improv skills to get me into a “lose space”, shut off my brain and let the creativity juices flow. We spent a total of approx. 10 hours, at the end practicing my comedy set. To the point where I went on stage and performed. Sue was throughout the process a reliant and highly valuable partner. Accompanying me every step of the way, including attending my shows even when we had finished our project. It was highly valuable to learn improvisation from Sue where she employed her long time experiences and skills. I would recommend Sue for any situation where you need to work through a set of circumstances towards a goal. I owe Sue the tremendously valuable start for my comedy career and would work with Sue any time again!”

Annick Adelle