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The workshops that Sue organized and ran at Xerox PARC were great. The 40 scientists, engineers, technicians, and administrators from the PARC’s famous Computer Science Laboratory participated in your Enhancing Creativity workshops. Boy, did we learn new skills, raise our spirits, and have a lot of fun along the way! The things we learned from you have stuck around. My colleagues and I regularly use your brainstorming model with spectacular results.
Tom Berson
PHD. Principal Scientist, Xerox PARC
By attending one of Sue’s legendary workshops you not only get access to Sue’s vast experience and instant integration abilities, you also get to learn from the excellent folks that she attracts to her events. Learning from Sue is almost priceless.
Danny Ryan
Director of Technical Training & Development at Autodesk.
Thank you for the successful team building that you lead for our Sun Microsystems Worldwide Installed Base Business group. After the session, the team continued to talk about their experiences and demonstrated their learning for the next two days of the offsite. I noticed an increased awareness of communications, considering other’s differences and being open to all ideas with “Yes and…” This was clearly applied in a brainstorming session the next day. I’ve not seen such a concerted effort by a group to leave their critics at the door. The pace, length and content are exactly what we needed to bring us together in a more productive, open and fun environment. I look forward to taking advantage of your services again.
Anthony’ Medeiros
Director, Sun Microsystems
Your program was well received, and one month later, I still hear glowing comments from participants! Our group loved the stimulating exercises, and I think everyone learned a technique or two to help increase communication and professional relationship skills.
Holly Ruehlin
The Permanente Medical Group Executive Office

I love Sue! She is such a delight. Her radiance, creativity and humor spark. It is fun to learn from her. She is a gifted trainer and wonderful human being. I esp loved the Bendable Brain.
Annabel Bourgois
Sue is a dynamic and engaging speaker and trainer. In my experience, she easily held a room of over 200 people with humor and grace and incredibly useful content
Paula Hemming
Director of Technical Training & Development at Autodesk.
I can’t recommend Sue Walden highly enough for an amazing laugh-filled experience that will powerfully create exciting and new ways to be in connection with another human. Her style is highly interactive and experiential and her content is positive and affirming. She brings a wonderful combination of great fun and depth of meaningful interactions.
Henry Kimsey-House
Founder of Coaches Training Institute