March 10, 2012

Business Applications


    Sue Walden was a trail blazer in 1980 when she first started using improvisation as a training methodology in a business setting.  Over the past thirty years, she has proven over and over how powerful, versatile and immediately-useful the skills are in any industry.  

    We focus on a set of core skills from the field of improvisation:

    • Being Fully Present
    • Being Open
    • Being Mentally Flexible


    The Methodology:

    • Joins Innovation and Pragmatism
    • Provides Practical Tools
    • Experiential
    • Fun


    The Results:

    • Accelerates Learning
    • Creates an Environment of Curiosity and Experimentation
    • Expands Each Individual's View of Possibilities
    • Encourages Willingness to Self Assess and Try Something Different


    See the amazing list of clients and learn about our customized programs (and check out a sample)!









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