March 10, 2012

On The Road

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Creating Beyond Your Limits

Living Beyond Your Limits

Beyond Your Boundaries

While many things around you are contracting, it’s a perfect time for YOU to expand into a larger version of yourself… one with fewer limits and where you are more creative, more courageous, more resourceful, more resilient and way more confident.

This workshop is packed with improvisation exercises and various playful activities that, while being great fun, will powerfully support and guide you into realms of surprising creativity.

Be prepared to be excited, challenged and surprised!

Registration: $95 early registration/$125 less than 2 weeks in advance

Other Road Show options:

CREATIVE COMMUNICATIONS – Simple, Effective, Fun  Communication Tools taken from Improvisation Theater Training

Clear, Authentic, easy communication is an art form, like an effortless dance between people.  Happily, the training of theater improvisers provides simple tools proven to be excellent for that level of effective communicating.
Participants will…
   ~Explore the “Communication Cycle”
   ~Learn a tool to stay present and focused throughout a communication
   ~Experience the power of real listening – where you listen to understand rather than to reply
   ~Transform your mind to the landscape of appreciation
   ~Walk on the side of the line of accepting without needing to agree
   ~Use your curiosity to notice and check unspoken assumptions and “rules”
   ~Go home with new activities/exercises to use with friends, families, clients, colleagues
   ~Meet new people and have FUN!

Registration fee:  $95 early registration; $125 less than 2 weeks in advance

Discounted rates when registering for 2 or more.



This highly interactive workshop offers tools taken from the skill set of improvisers, masters of cooperation.  Expect to leave with concrete tools you can employ in your work and personal relationships, and also use to build cooperation and collaboration in any groups you work with.

Half or Full Day.


(*Authentic, Bodacious, Clear, Dynamic, Engaging, Fun)

What would it be like to be more relaxed and articulate in front of groups?  Perhaps, even look forward to such an experience and enjoy it while you are there?  Improv training includes concrete tools/techniques to help you get out of your own way, and bring your talented self to this often challenging mileau.

Half or Full Day.

Contact Sue for content information:


“SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION! – Using Improvisation to Ignite your Coaching

A reprise of the rave-review session presented at the November 2005 US ICF Conference.

A fun-filled, skills-packed workshop designed for Coaches

Half or Full Day.


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For any questions regarding workshop content or applicability, please contact Sue Walden at (415) 885-5678 or



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