This highly energetic workshop will provide you with a variety of interactive experiential and improvisational exercises for your toolkit.  Activities will range from simple to complex, easy to challenging. 
You will practice and experience the various activities and exercises with the group in order to understand their meaning and impact. There will be suggestions of variations as well as adapting to large or small groups. 
  • Openers & “Getting Acquainted” activities
  • Focusing games and Energizers
  • Tools for quick decision making or prioritizing a list of options.
  • Activities that build skills for Communication, Collaboration and Creativity
  • Activities for gathering program feedback
  • Closing activities
After this workshop you will: 
  • have increased your facilitation options and can make your programs more “brain friendly” 
  • see more ways to create adaptations and applications
  • select the appropriate activity for groups of variable sizes and (cultural) backgrounds, creating programs that meet the client’s needs
Bucket-Full is offered as a stand-alone one-day workshop, or can be woven into a two-day version of the Design workshop.