Life IS an improvisation! Building the improv skill set can make your whole life easier and more fun!
Since Life doesn't come with a script or any guarantees (other than "things change" and "people are different", oh and "death happens eventually"), it is essential for our mental and physical well-being that we have the skills to stay present, open and flexible to move effortlessly through all the speed bumps that life can throw in our way.

While many things around you are contracting, it’s a perfect time for YOU to expand into a larger version of yourself… one with fewer limits and where you are more creative, more courageous, more resourceful, more resilient and way more confident.

3 Versions – adaptations for different groups — how improvisational! :

  • Creating Beyond Your Limits
  • Living Beyond Your Limits
  • Improvising Beyond Your Boundaries

This workshop is packed with improvisation exercises and various playful activities that, while being great fun, will powerfully support and guide you into realms of surprising creativity.

Be prepared to be excited, challenged and surprised!







































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