May 19, 2013

Facilitator’s Skill Drill

An Improvisational Approach to Building your Core Competencies


Two-day workshop

This workshop is an experiential exploration of the essential facilitation skills, behaviors and attitudes that encourage participants to get actively involved in the experimentation and self-reflection that inspires new learning. Also covered: the “invisible” skills and tools throughout a program that make it easy for participants to stay focused and on purpose.  Sue Walden (ImprovWorks!) is a specialist in effectively involving program participants in their own learning, and uses the same methodology to engage trainers/facilitators in building these skills.  Sourcing the core skills in the training of improvisers (being present, open and flexible) this program is highly interactive, dynamic challenging, immediately applicable, and fun!


Overview of the course:

Day One focuses on YOU – A learning environment that invites participation is created by the attitudes, words and behaviors of the facilitator. Day One assists in making conscious your unconscious skills behaviors and attitudes that contribute or inhibit a learning environment

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skill building to increase confidence and congruency
  • Core skills for creating an environment that supports and encourages trying new or different ideas
  • Activities to practice skills and tools for facilitating experiential learning
  • Video-taped presentations


Day Two focuses on the GLUE that holds a design together, creates the kind of flow that supports effortless learning, and adds polish

  • Smoothly transition between activities
  • Little ways to anchor the learning throughout a program
  • Setting up exercises
  • Keeping a group on track
  • Spotlighting the lesson with an effective debrief
  • Applying to participants’ work/life experience
  • Managing the timing of the exercises and debriefs
  • Real time practice with a team


Outcome of the course:

After this workshop you will have awareness, knowledge, skills and tools to create an environment for participative learning, one that encourages openness and risk-taking.


To complete your Facilitator’s Toolkit:

  • An Improvisational Approach to Program Design
  • Bucket Full of Exercises I
  • Bucket Full of Excercises II


To ensure an optimal learning experience, group size will be limited to 12.


For more information please contact Lydia Arwert at,

Or call +31 6 1505 8884

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