A blend of talents creates a valuable session for Coaches who want to expand and deepen their coaching skills (with Sue Walden), plus get concrete tips & tools to market their business (with Lydia Arwert).

Day One

Improvisation and Coaching have much in common: both have intensive skills training and a treasure chest of techniques and tools. The 'work' evolves in the moment, responding to what is happening and what is needed, all the while holding both long-term and short-term goals. 

This lively, interactive and fun section will provide you with a taste of improv tools that will support, expand and boost your coaching skills.

During the session you will:

  • Identify which unconscious skills, behaviors, or attitudes support your coaching or actually make you less effective
  • Introduce 3 Core Improvisation Skills, that directly relate to coaching
  • Practice some simple and powerful improv tools, then immediately apply them within a coaching session

Day Two

The second half of this program is also highly active and fun, with the added bonus of support coaching.

During this session, you will

  •  Learn the basic skills of sales and marketing and how to build an effective sales and marketing plan.
  • Collect tips on how to employ powerful sales and marketing strategies for your unique situation, assisting you in organizing your sales and markteing activities.
  •  Overcome the fear and resisitance that blocks effective action.
  •  Walk through a simple system for building sales and marketing action plans that can easily be integrated with your unique business and current practices. Note: This grow-your-business system includes over 100 tactics and tools for sales and marketing with step-by-step recipes for their use.
  •  Get coached through the process of implementing the plan you create


Good News

You can use the marketing system, these tips, tactics and tools over and over again as your business grows. Past clients have reported that doing this program dramatically improved their sales and marketing results.