“Sue’s consulting sessions gave me confidence in all aspects of my “in-front-of-the-room” experiences. From being comfortable in how I look and stand, becoming more relaxed and less scripted, to connecting with the audience and recovering when I lose my place or make “mistakes”.

My online consulting sessions with Sue continue to pay off.”

– Roger Bird  

Founder, CoolCap



Would you like a more focused, one-on-one consultation session that will enhance your professional development? Sue has provided hundreds of personal consulting sessions both in person or via Skype/online.

These sessions will improve your ability to:

•  Create engaging pitch deck presentations

• Give keynote presentations that will be remembered

• MC events with poise and humor

• Deliver seamless team presentations that inspire

• Speak confidently to any size group

• Increase your confidence with job interviews

• Successfully pitching investors

• Heighten your credibility and confidence as a witness

• Convey credibility in court appearances

• Give media interviews with ease

• Handle TV auditions confidently

• Design interactive/experimental learning programs


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“I would recommend Sue for any situation where you need to work through a set of circumstances towards a goal. I owe Sue full credit for the tremendously valuable start for my new career, and would work with her any time again!”

– Annick Adelle

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“I’ve been designing and delivering workshops for a while now but every now and then I need some expert advice about how to best structure a program, what exercises might bring about optimum learning or how to articulate a debrief question for optimum response.

If I am going to bring in a consultant to help me with these things I only want someone with a huge wealth of experience and proven success in the workshop field. For me, that go-to advisor is Sue Walden. I rely on her years in the industry to help me create the most effective experience for all participants…one that deepens their understanding and advances their learning. Sue knows what works and even more importantly, what doesn’t and I’m glad to have her experience on my side.”

– Christine McHugh

Principal, Find Your Light Coaching


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