“Sue’s consulting sessions gave me confidence in all aspects of my “in-front-of-the-room” experiences. From being comfortable in how I look and stand, becoming more relaxed and less scripted, to connecting with the audience and recovering when I lose my place or make “mistakes”.

My online consulting sessions with Sue continue to pay off.”

– Roger Bird

Founder, CoolCap



Would you like a more focused, one-on-one consultation session that will enhance your professional development? Sue has provided hundreds of personal consulting sessions both in person or via Skype/online.

These sessions will improve your ability to:

        •  Create engaging pitch deck presentations

        •  Give keynote presentations that will be remembered

        •  MC events with poise and humor

        •  Deliver seamless team presentations that inspire

        •  Speak confidently to any size group

        •  Increase your confidence with job interviews

        •  Successfully pitching investors

        •  Heighten your credibility and confidence as a witness

        •  Convey credibility in court appearances

        •  Give media interviews with ease

        •  Handle TV auditions confidently

        •  Design interactive/experimental learning programs


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“I would recommend Sue for any situation where you need to work through a set of circumstances towards a goal. I owe Sue full credit for the tremendously valuable start for my new career, and would work with her any time again!”

– Annick Adelle

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