Do you have an up-coming talk, presentation, or workshop?  Would you like to experience how to quickly and effectively design it?

There are important considerations when planning a talk, a presentation or a workshop; this session will address them. Bring an idea, and you will engage hands-on in a simple, colorful and fun 7-step process, and leave with a plan.

Duration:  One/Two Days

Time: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

Bring your idea for a one-hour to one-day program, and explore:

  • A pre-program questionnaire to gain clarity
  • When and how to pre-assess a group
  • Importance of a Learning Model, and some examples
  • Various ways to organize and present your content
  • Levels of risk and their impact on different styles of learning
  • Sample of energizers and focusing exercises
  • Planning templates for future programs
You will leave with a completed design in hand as well as a helpful workbook/guide to design your future events.


"Sue Walden's signature post-it system for mapping out and designing workshops is the perfect fit for the creative facilitator whose learning model includes using playful activities to enhance the learning of the group they're leading.  Sue's workshop is hands on – I created my program design right there and left with a workshop that's ready to go."
–Lisa Morningstar, Founder, Business Playshops


“I finally had the chance to attend Improvisational Approach to Program Design, a workshop facilitated by Sue Walden. What a fantastic experience it was and incredibly productive! The time flew by and the end result included having a new framework for easily and creatively designing training programs and a completed program on leadership development that I am ready to launch! I would highly recommend this particular training to teachers, professors, and HR/training and development professionals. It was so worth the time and the price was very responsible considering ALL that we received!  Thank you Sue for your incredibly generous spirit and wealth of ideas! Can't wait to take another one!"

–Lisa Safran, Founder, Improv Consultants