This is a short sample of the long list of endorsements we’ve received over the years. We are very proud of the work we do and the wonderful feedback we get.

“I can’t recommend Sue Walden highly enough for an amazingly playful experience that powerfully creates exciting, new ways to be in connection with others.  Her style is highly interactive and experiential and her content is positive and affirming.  She brings a wonderful combination of great fun and meaningful skills.”

– Henry Kimsey-House
Founder Coaches Training Institute

“I challenged Sue to deliver a program to reinforce our “hospitality first” culture and help us by expanding our abilities to establish rapport and qualify our guests. Sue’s out-of-the-box, paradigm-busting approach to enhance peoples’ abilities to be in the present moment was just what we needed. The biggest area of our operation that has benefited is working the busy check in desk and handling challenging folks.”

 – Christopher Huber
Direct Sales Manager
Cakebread Cellars

“It was very clear that Sue had accurately and with a discerning ear listened to our needs and then developed an agenda that addressed those needs in a most pertinent and joyful way.
And, in addition to the substance of the program Sue offered, she consistently presented a potentially threatening format in such a non-threatening and playful way that it was truly hard to resist. Further, Sue’s behavior and the content were so congruent which made for very powerful role modeling. All of these aspects really combined to make the retreat “magic” and, I believe, to have a sustaining force.”

–  Ann Robinette, RN
Psychiatric Nurse Clinician
Pacific Medical Center

“Thank you for the work you did for Northern Trust Bank; at our Annual Sales Conference this year. Every year, I struggle with the type of activity I should provide to our officers on the first night of our Conference. I want to provide a ‘fun activity during which they can socialize, but I also want it to have a purpose. Your program more than met my objectives.
I have received more positive comments this year than any other year. The officers really enjoyed the teamwork aspect of the program – especially since they weren’t “hit over the head” with the purpose. They enjoyed knowing new things about each other, . ” , understanding how to work in different ways with each other, and learning how to use each other’s strengths to everyone’s advantage. It was a great event.
Your creativity, flexibility, and customization are what made this program so successful. Thank you for your hard work and for really listening to our needs. You exceeded our expectations.

I look forward to working together again in the future.”

 – Suzanne Cabal
Manager of Marketing
Northern Trust Bank

“Last June about 40 scientists, engineers, technicians and administrators from the PARC’s famous Computer Science Laboratory – the source of Ethernet, the laser printer, the overlapping windows interface, and lots more – participated in two Enhancing Creativity workshops which you organized and ran for us. Boy, did we learn new skills, raise our esprit, and have a lot of fun along the way.
Things we learned from you have stuck around. My colleagues and I regularly use your brainstorming model with spectacular results. And, of course, we always warm-up for it with some object montage. Occasionally someone who doesn’t know what’s going on comes along, watches puzzled for a moment and then gets swept into the montage-brainstorm by the enthusiasm and creative energy we generate with the sequence.

I look forward, Sue, to your return to PARCo In the meanwhile I will be happy to tell anyone why it makes great sense to have you design and run a corporate training for them.”

 – Tom Berson Ph.D.
Principal Scientist – Xerox

“I can’t say enough and I can’t wait to do more. This was better than two
years of (much more expensive) therapy.”

– Bonnie Clarke

“Sue is more than an excellent facilitator. She is a superb instructor smart, clear, steadfast in what she knows without confrontation.”

– Bill Bennett

“All that I learned here I will take with me for the rest of my life.”

– Ernest V. Vatts

“Thank you, Sue, for your thoughtful and skillful training. Your caring style enables a more complete contribution. Do not hesitate to refer possible clients of yours for my input.”

– David Kimball

“I felt that Sue’s instruction was great. Supportive, energetic-and very clear at explaining the purpose and intent behind the exercises which was very interesting to me.”

-Emily Shepard

“Clear instruction, very safe set up, great structure, open response to our sharing, and good reframing of what was said.
I am really impressed with the quality of the instruction and the way the class was structured. I’ve facilitated and taken many classes and I’m pretty picky!”

– Kris Nevius

“Sue is really great at encouraging and support risk-taking.”

–  Jessica Anderson

“Sue is helpful, spirited and charming; a great facilitator.”

– Michael Nash

“Sue, you are excellent.”

– Matthew Stevens