7  Tools  to  Wipe  Out  Stress
This unique and powerful 3-hour program can be scheduled for your go-go-go work groups, for health professionals, for parents, or any staff/organization/association who would like to change their relationship to stress.

The session is highly interactive and even fun as you discover your stress strategies, stress provokers and explore what you are like without stress. You will walk away with new understanding of the major source of stress and 7 simple, immediately-usable techniques to eliminate it

Consider this data:

  • According to the AMA, 80% of all illness comes from stress.
  • In Canada, at least $12 billion is spent annually on trackable stress-related costs. (Statistics Canada)
  • Karoshi – dying at your desk – is considered a national health crises in Japan, affecting tens of thousands each year. (Time Magazine)
  • Three 10-year studies concluded that emotional stress was more predictive of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease than smoking; people who were unable to effectively manage their stress had a 40% higher death rate than more emotionally managed individuals. (H. Eyesenck. Br. J. Med Psychol., 1998)
  • Organizational change causes productive work to drop from 4.8 hours per day to 1.2 hours per day, a loss of 75%. (US Dept of Labor)

Into this context, ImprovWorks offers a 3-hour crash course of experiences, exercises and tools to eliminate the stress caused by the above. We will:

  • Experience a challenging, yet playful, metaphor of contemporary daily life
  • Identify elements that can provoke stress
  • List skills, behaviors and attitudes that operate when we are calm, focused, at our best
  • Focus on a major stress-creator – the mind
  • Learn and practice 7 tools to shift quickly from stress to ease
  • Have fun!