Duration: 2 days with video feedback* or 1 day without 

A learning environment that invites participation is created (or destroyed) by the attitudes, words and behaviors of the facilitator(s). 

This 3-day workshop is an experiential exploration of the essential facilitation skills, behaviors and attitudes that encourage participants to get actively involved in the self-reflection that inspires new learning.

  • Core skills for working with groups of any size
  • Environmental dynamics that set the stage for interactive learning
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skill building to increase confidence and credibility
  • Giving and receiving objective, constructive, and encouraging feedback
  • Simple and effective exercises, games, and activities for a facilitator's tool kit
*Two day course includes video feedback of facilitating group exercises


"This wonderful, insightful seminar helped me become even more aware of my impact. Using videotape and group feedback, I was able to see where I accomplished my desired impact and when I'd get in my own way. It was fun, delightful, and very beneficial. This class helped me be more aware of when I show up in my strength. 

Sue provided lots of materials from her extensive experience in improv work and I walked away feeling it was well worth my time. Sue is a Pro and a bright light in the industry."

Marti Bolton


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