Do you want to join the ImprovWorks team and learn how to facilitate experiential learning programs, design lively workshops for deep learning, and co-lead the facilitating modules and programs?

Sue Walden is a specialist in effectively involving program participants in their own learning, and uses the same methodology to engage trainers/facilitators in building these skills.

We offer both generic programs (descriptions below) where you can work with your own material, as well as content-focused certification programs (current offering: Stress Begone! & Bendable Brain).

Sourcing the core skills in the training of improvisers (being present, open and mentally flexible) with the addition of variations on some traditional tools and techniques, the seminars below are dynamic, highly interactive, challenging, immediately applicable and fun.

And, true to the spirit of being open and mentally flexible, Sue can customize a trainer training to meet the needs of a particular group. 

The Training for Trainers & Group Facilitators Program:



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